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About iPark

We deliver!

Our company is made up of three divisions: Parking Management

Systems, Security / ELV Systems and Renewable Energy Systems and
EV Chargers.

Our parking management team; operates and maintains our PMS Operations in large facilities; like Shopping Malls, Hotels, Residential and Commercial Mixed Use Developments. We offer complete Parking Management Operations from 24 Hours - Traffic Wardens, Parking Operators, Valet Parking Drivers, Car Washing Services a d Onsite Maintenance Team. Our team are factory trained and supervised by industry leaders in their particular field.  We are also pioneers in the field of solar parking shades integrated with EV Chargers. We have now developed a state-of-the-art ANPR Camera solution for a complete vehicle management system solution.
Our solutions are now being implemenned by the leading
property management companies and developers in
Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Kiev.

Our Physical security and ELV Systems team, have the capabilities to
design, build and maintain Energy Saving Lighting Upgrade, CCTV,
Satellite TV, AV Intercom Systems, PA Systems, Access Control Systems,
BMS, Lighting Control Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, Nurse Call Systems, Master Clock Systems, Automatic Gates and Doors.
Our Renewable Energy Systems team, handle Solar PV Module installations on top of roofs and on top of parking shades. We also install EV Chargers for home and commercial usage. We have our own app developed in house so that Building Owners and Property Managers can bill tenant’s on the consumption of electricty at the EV Chargers within the compound.

​Services Provided
We provide sales, installation, service / maintenance, consulting /
A&E Support, Analysis and Consulting.

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